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We write because we can't stop.

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I don't suppose anyone might want to meet and discuss their writing tomorrow? If so: Cafe Infusion @ 6:00. Bring things you have written, want to write, are in the process of writing, can write with.


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It's back! And now with even more style, zing, and whopdango! This thursday will be our second writer's hurrah at the hidden vine, unless someone knows of a better place where we should be having it (maybe vesuvios? cafe infusion? some other place?) 7:30 pm will be when the official ruckus starts, although I plan on showing up early to be there for anyone who wants a one-on-one, or just wants to make out for a while.

Please write in the commentary whether or not you feel you can make it this time, and if so what you'd like to go over so we can take what you be bringin'.



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Isn’t it wonderful
that we have pain
to dissuade us
from putting our
hand in the
frying pan-
Isn’t it great
that rotting food
stinks so we
won’t have it
with the food
we can eat-
Isn’t it good
that we ain’t got
no money
so we can keep
sticking our hands
in things
that smell funny
And blowing off
And blowing off
‘Til we can’t
Even Feel
The kind of Shit
That we’re in.


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Hey Everyone,

So some have suggested moving the writer's group to this Thursday, but I believe Ms. V is having her sewing circle at that time and therefor it may be better to have it next Thursday, or some other time (Sunday or something maybe?). Let me know what works for you.

It has been suggested to me that perhaps we need more input, more time, and less drinking and bitching about work. This sounds okay to me. I think it might help if everyone suggests beforehand what they need help with so we can think on it and know what we're getting into. Everyone in favor, say aye.


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Is anyone coming this thursday? Does anyone want to? Let me know.


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Humping straws of rememberance
The hungry creature
bucks and grinds
Gently riding each line
with the firmness
of resistance
to the wind.
his tiny legs
balancing weights
of the abdomen
vs. the torso-
teetering lightly as
the molecules of his crotch
dig their weight
into the page.
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In light of the fact that only V has posted, and only 2 people other than myself have joined, I'm beginning to think that this may not be the way to go. Anyone wanna do an in-person writing group? Wine, cheese, a-great-sharing of literature? And if no one shows up with anything to share we can always just sit around drinking wine and eating cheese? Whattaya say?

I was thinking either Sunday the 24 (st. Jean Baptiste Day) or Tuesday the 26th. But any day is fine.


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If this post is in violation of the rules, feel free to delete.

I started a new writing community. Go to.


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Is there anyone alive out there? Can anyone hear me?
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Sorry I'm late. Here's my submission.

The BeginningCollapse )

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